Doing Our Part 

in the fight against COVID-19

Doing Our Part

to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 

- Regular production has been transformed into three production shifts. This allows for a maximum of 10 employee's in our production shop at one time. 

- Each space in our building has been identified with the maximum number of people in a certain space at a time. Some spaces only allow for one person so employees must wait to enter the area if it is being used. 

- The building is cleaned before/after each shift (three times per day) 

- Once an employee has arrived at the building we have asked them to not leave for breaks or lunch. This reduces the number of contaminents that are being brought in during the day. 

- All outside vendors are not allowed in the building 

- Shipments must be left outside. Employees properly disinfect all items before bringing them in. 

- Employees maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more when interacting with each other, and have the necessary PPE to remain safe.  

Helping Our Medical Professionals 

- With the tools, machinery, and supplies that we have available from sign production we are able to produce face shields for medical professionals. 

- Over 100 face shields are produced per week

- All face shields are donated to local medical professionals 


Dave, lovingly called Davie by his wife, is one of our production managers. He has been diligently working on the design and production of these face masks. Over the last several weeks he kept saying, "We Can Do It" which has prompted our entire shop to start calling him Davie the Riveter. In his efforts to do his best for the COVID-19 efforts we have lovingly made him a Davie the Riveter sign! 

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