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Final assembly

Freight management







Value Engineering




From start to finish - we are here for You! 



At DHW our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department can provide you with timely and accurate estimates for all of your signage needs. Whether you need a quick estimate to meet a bid request deadline or need help pricing out a sign's total cost, DHW is here for all of your estimating needs!   

Value Engineering

value engineering

One of the unique aspects that makes DHW stand out among its competitors is that we offer value engineering design services. Value engineering is designed to improve the quality of signs all the while reducing the overall cost. Our experienced team of experts will take time with you to develop the highest quality signage while using the most cost effective building method.  



DHW is here to build your design! We also offer assistance if you are looking for fabrication input into any sign’s design. We can even help test designs by building a prototype so we can help your business produce a brilliant sign that will stand out among the rest. DHW takes pride in offering the latest sign industry technologies and with seasoned fabricators we are here to help your design come to life.



No project is too complex for DHW’s skilled fabricators who collectively have over 200 years of sign fabrication experience. The UL certified sign fabricators at DH Wholesale Signs will optimize LED lighting placement, achieving a brilliant look to enhance your customers’ brand image. DHW’s fabrication department includes the CNC router, all types of channel letter fabrication, illuminated cabinet sign fabrication, raceways, LED conversions, refurbishing old signs, and custom cabinets.



With the ability to craft any color you desire we can create the exact color design you are seeking with the highest quality paint products available. We are able to accomplish an array of custom pieces and finishes for your sign including faux work and a crisp paint job for your product.

Final Assembly

final assembly

 After the sign is painted it is constructed for final assembly. During final assembly multiple parts are pieced together, the final wiring is installed, and back up plugs and push thru’s are fitted. Our team of fabricators are guaranteeing that all the pieces will fit together perfectly when it is being installed in the field and while they are doing this process a thorough quality check is conducted to make sure that only the finest and best signs are leaving our shop.

freight management

Freight management is a key aspect of making sure that your custom sign is delivered to you on time and without fault or blemish. Our team manages the delivery of your sign and expertly builds custom crates that perfectly packages your sign for shipping. Our custom shipping crates are sturdy, resilient, and made individually for each sign. Each crate is then loaded for delivery to you.  Our team schedules and manages the transportation of your sign to your installation team.

Freight Management

DHW also offers the unique service of helping maintain and repair your sign. If the unfortunate event happens that you need your sign repaired - from weather, a vehicle making an impact, etc. DHW is there to help you get your sign back up and running. We make sure that our customer service goes past just the build of the sign and our desire is to walk through the lifecycle of the sign with you!


LED Conversions

LED Conversions

 LED Conversions are when you update a previous sign’s lighting from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Our team of fabricators are experienced in helping you to update your sign to make it not only shine brighter but run more efficiently.



 We realize that over time your sign is exposed to various elements. Your sign probably still functions great, but has been weathered or in the field for an extended period. DHW offers services to help refurbish your sign. Refurbishing includes a thorough cleaning, touch up paint (or complete repainting), and new graphics if desired.

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