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Apprenticeship Posting: Sign Fabricator

Found in the CareerWise Marketplace under the Advanced Manufacturing Section

Applications for the 2018 Apprenticeship will be accepted beginning in December of 2017 


Who We Are:

DH Wholesale Signs (DHW) is a sign fabricator solutions provider to retail sign companies nationwide and has provided services in the sign industry for 32 years. Our vision is to be the premier custom illuminated sign fabricator for our customers while creating an amazing work environment for our employees. We construct all types of signs including letters, cabinets, directionals, and custom signs. The services that DHW provides are: estimating, value engineering, design, machine/CAD work, fabrication, paint, assembly, freight management, maintenance/repair, LED conversions, sign refurbishing.

Meet Our General Manager:

                                     Paul Vanderspek is DHW’s General Manager, works closely with DHW’s sister company – Arapahoe Sign                                      Arts, and is also a Professor at Colorado State University. Paul values family, creating an amazing and                                          safe work environment for his employees, and producing only the highest quality of sign products. Paul                                        has always emphasized the importance of today’s youth and has shown this by mentoring young adults                                        at CSU and he is now excited to have the chance to keep mentoring youth with CareerWise!


Why Choose DHW?

DHW is honored to be partnering with CareerWise and their apprentice program and is ecstatic to offer an apprenticeship in the Advanced Manufacturing category.

●    We already have experience with CareerWise since our sister company, Arapahoe Sign Arts,  acquired an apprentice last            year. We have the advantage of knowing how to make your experience the most valuable and effective opportunity for you!

●   DHW provides a safe work environment, a family-oriented culture, and a constant emphasis on education.

●    You will gain quality experience in advanced manufacturing. Including: estimating, computer aided design (CAD) machine            training, fabrication, painting, equipment maintenance and repair, and how to read and interpret construction                              documents.


What the Apprentice Will Do:

Summary of the role and activities

The sign fabricator apprentice will learn the basics of manufacturing signs.  Under supervision, you will learn to read shop drawings and construction documents and contribute to the general production of materials and methods. In your third year, there may be an opportunity to specialize as a metal fabricator, vinyl fabricator, or paint booth operator.


Qualities of the Apprentice:

Preferred mindsets and interests

●     Team player: Open communicators that want to help get things done and gather as much information as possible.

●     Problem Solver: Logical thinking influences your use of information, you use data and knowledge to generate useful ideas.

●     Mechanical Aptitude: You like working with your hands; taking things apart and putting them back together.

●     Comfortable with Ambiguity: Positive attitude and flexibility to manage a different set of tasks every day


Requirements of the Apprentice:

Educational requirements for applying candidates


Applicants should be able to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.


Applicants should also be on track to master the following arithmetic competencies by the beginning of the apprenticeship in order to access potential college-level training content (as outlined in College Board Accuplacer Program Manual, October 2016):

●     perform the basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using whole numbers,                      fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers

●     make conversions among fractions, decimals, and percents


Applicants should be on track to master the following reading competencies by the beginning of the apprenticeship (as outlined in College Board Accuplacer Program Manual, October 2016):

answer questions that require them to synthesize information, including gauging point of view and intended audience


Preference will be given to applicants who have completed an internship, have exposure to drafting, or have exposure to metal working.


What You Will Learn As An Apprentice:

Occupational Competencies the apprentice will develop in the role

●     Estimating:  calculate the hours and material required to complete a sign

●     Computer Aided Design (CAD) Machine Training: become proficient with software programs that aid in the creation,                     modification, analysis, or optimization of a product design.

●     Fabrication: become proficient in using various techniques to join materials together

●     Painting:  prepare materials for paint and potentially learn paint mixing and spraying techniques

●     Equipment Maintenance/Repair: become proficient with maintenance, repair, cleaning, installation, and inspection of                   equipment and tools.

●     Read and interpret construction documents


Foundational Competencies the apprentice will develop in this role

●     Quality Control Analysis: Analyze the quality of your work to meet the necessary quality and performance standards; track         defects, check parts and meet time standard goals. Be mindful of quality and its importance.

●     Troubleshooting: Determine the cause of operating errors and develop possible solutions. Make small adjustments but               speak with the appropriate people (e.g., supervisors, colleagues) on problems that may be more systemic (e.g., a pattern           of problems or serious problems).

●     Active Listening: Maximize learning by paying attention to what other people are saying (e.g., co-worker, supervisor).                   Understand occupation-specific terms and their practical meaning. Recognize that listening is essential to safety and                 know when to ask questions.

●     Mathematics: Able to solve problems through math skills and visualize problems in 3D when needed. 

Certification(s) & Coursework:

●     Apprentices will take the minimum amount of college courses as required by the CareerWise guidelines

●     Apprentices will earn the nationally-recognized MSSC Certified Production Technician credential

Job Details:

●     Work Address: 1220 Blue Spruce Dr. #1, Fort Collins, CO 80524

●     Start date: July 2018

●     Apprenticeship duration: 3 years

●     Year 1 Summer Work Schedule: mutually agreed upon by apprentice and business

●     Year 1 School Year Work Schedule: 16 hours per week as mutually agreed upon by apprentice and business

●     Apprentice compensation: determined based on experience

●     Total apprentices for this position: 1

●     Total apprentices at company: 1

●     Work environment description: Production floor: standing, lifting, walking and bending.

Why Choose DHW?
Meet Our GM
Summary of Role
Qualities of Apprentice
What You Will Learn
Job Details
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